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Related article: Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 15:39:55 +0000 (GMT) From: Steve Rose Subject: Adventure to Crete - 8DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary.WARNING:Do not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.ADVENTURE TO CRETE - 8Nick did not go straight to bed when he got to his room. He still felt horny after his encounter with Jason and wondered if the twins were still in the bedroom next door. Nick walked over to where the spy hole was and was excited to note that there seemed to be a light on in the adjoining room. Excitement turned to disappointment as Nick looked through the peephole and realised that there were new occupants in the room and that they were a young family with two very young children. Nick turned away and wondered whether to have a wank in his shower before bed. As was considering this, Nick noticed a note had been propped up against the lamp by his bed and went forward to investigate. He opened the note and read it quickly:"Hi Nick - Sorry I missed you today but I'm sure you had a good time with Jase. I met him last year and I knew you'd get along. As I had to work all day today my father has agreed that I can have most Naked Preteen Nymphets of tomorrow off. Save yourself for that!! I have lots planned for your final days in Crete - it will be better than ever. See you tomorrow - your best friend in Crete, Panos."Nick re-read the note as stripped off ready for the shower and decided not to waste any more cum but to save it for the next day. After a brief shower, Nick climbed into bed and drifted off into a deep sleep. As with the previous day, Nick awoke bright and early and was dressed and ready for breakfast before the rest of the family. He went on ahead to breakfast but, seeing George the manager sitting alone in reception, he stopped to have a word,"Hi George, I missed you and Panos yesterday."Then, in only a whisper, Nick added. "Did you see the video of me and Jason before you went to bed?"George replied with a smile,"Yes I did see it. I hope he made up for our absence. Panos will be here before lunch. I expect you will be by the pool or swimming when he arrives so I will tell him to look for you there. He plans to take you out for the afternoon and then tonight we are going to take you to a special club."George looked up and changed his tone,"Ah Mr and Mrs Bright and the beautiful Miss Lucy, good morning. We have another wonderful day for you in Crete. You still have time to enjoy more of our island. I just said to Nick that I hoped you were not ill because he is normally the last one down for breakfast. I hope you do not mind but my nephew Panos plans to take Nick out for the day."Nick's father looked pleased and reassured George that the family was very well and planning to do some sunbathing and shopping. Nick's father also indicated that he was more than happy for Nick to go out with Panos and enjoy himself on what would be the last full day of their holiday.Over breakfast it was agreed that the family would sit by the pool for a while before they split up to go their separate ways once Panos arrived. After they had eaten, Nick went back to his room to get his swimming things and, as he walked back down towards the pool, he saw Jason."Hi Nick, off swimming?" Jason said in a friendly but conspiratorial manner."Yes, Jase, but the family is around at the moment, but if you want to join us after breakfast, feel free," replied Nick."May just do that. Naked Preteen Nymphets See you later, Nick."As Jason disappeared, Nick's mum came up and said,"Who was that?""Oh it's another English boy I met swimming yesterday. He might come over to the pool later. He knows Panos as well. He was here on holiday last year apparently.""That'll be nice", said Nick's mum.Nick smiled at his mother and they walked together to a place by the pool that the family had found. For about an hour Nick and his family swam and sunbathed and chatted. As they sat together by the pool, Nick's parents reflected that this would probably be the last time the whole family went away on holiday together. Nick was rather distractedly thinking about what Panos had planned for him but he joined in the conversation. The family time together was interrupted by the arrival of Jason who was introduced to Nick's family and Naked Preteen Nymphets then the two teenagers went off to swim.The two teenagers swam out of earshot and it soon became clear that each of them was keen to repeat the experience of the day before. Nick was not sure whether to mention that Panos was also expecting to pick him up later in the morning. However, he need not have worried as the first words that Naked Preteen Nymphets Jason said when they were safely away from Nick's family were to ask what time Nick thought that Panos would arrive. Nick told him that he expected him before lunch but no specific time had been mentioned. The two lads swam and messed about in the pool for a while but when it began to get busy they decided to get out and sunbathe. As they returned to where Nick's family had their base it was clear that they were preparing to get off to do their own thing for the rest of the day. Nick's father leaned towards Nick and said,"Well have a good day. We'll be going to dinner at the usual place tonight at around 7 o'clock. I don't know what you're planning to do so join us if you can but if not, we'll see you later."At just that moment, Panos arrived and interrupted to say that it was unlikely that Nick would be back because he had planned to take Nick and Jason out for the day and then on to a favourite family place for a meal. Nick's father nodded and then he and the other members of the family left the three teenagers alone. Nick and Jason pulled on shorts over their speedos and T-shirts, having deposited the towels in the laundry bin, walked away from the swimming pool, being careful to let Nick's parents and sister get away first.Once they had left, Panos told Nick and Jason to follow him and they were soon back at the car park where Panos' van was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was a large car parked where Panos normally parked his van and Panos led the three boys towards it. As they drew closer Nick and Jason could see there were other people in the car already. Nick recognised Panos' friend, Dimitri but the other boy was a stranger. AS they got in the car Panos made the introductions and soon Nick found himself sitting next to Constantin who was the boy he had not met before. Constantin was a friend of Dimitri. He was very dark and had curly hair and looked far more Mediterranean than the other two Greeks. Nick was rather turned on Naked Preteen Nymphets by his new friend and hoped to get to know him better in the next hour or so.The five boys dressed in shorts and T-shirts drove out of the car park. Panos smiled warmly at Nick, Jason and Constantin squashed together in the back as he drove along the coast a short distance before turning down a very steep road which clearly led to the beach. After a few minutes Panos stopped and indicated that the car could go no further and all five teenagers got out and Nick saw that below them was a completely isolated and secluded ribbon of sand. Panos led the way and they were soon on the sandy beach. Panos took charge,"This is a very secret place, the only people who come here do so because they have the same interests as we have. The rule is no clothes and do as you like with anyone and to anyone provided that you both agree."With that Panos moved close to Dimitri and helped him remove his T-shirt and shorts; Dimitri did the same for Panos and Jason, Nick and Constantin quickly followed their lead. Soon five rock hard uncut cocks were bobbing about in front of the five teenagers. Nick leant forward and without much ado took Constantin's cock into his mouth and heard Constantin sigh with pleasure as the horny English teen began to use his lips and tongue to pleasure the swarthy Greek boy. Almost immediately Nick felt a tongue begin to explore his arse ring and he looked round momentarily to see Dimitri kneeling behind him. Meanwhile Jason had stationed himself behind Constantin and was moving his impressive cock towards the waiting arse hole of the Greek teenager. Finally Panos moved in behind Dimitri and began to do to him what he was doing to Nick. Nick was the only one of the five whose cock was not in action or poised for action, but this was soon remedied when Constantin suggested that he and Nick lie down on the sand and the others line up as before behind them. It only took a few seconds before Nick and Constantin were engaged in a loud and mutually satisfying sixty-nine session. The rest of the group formed up as before and soon Constantin could feel his arse being invaded by Jason's thick cock. Nick also could feel his hole widening as Dimitri's cock began to slowly enter him while Panos began to push his cock into Dimitri's welcoming hole. The five teenagers were soon embroiled in a heaving mass of bodies pushing and pulling and slurping in a kind of unison. Constantin and Nick were unable to make their feelings public but each hummed their pleasure on the other's cock that was lodged deep in their throat. Jason, Dimitri and Panos were on the other hand able to express themselves vocally and did so without constraint."Oh yes, Nick, your hole is so tight and your arse muscles so strong. Feel my cock as I slide up inside you," Dimitri said out loud."Constantin, feel my fat cock invade you and ravish your shute as I fuck you hard with my English cock," shouted Jason from behind the dark Greek teen."As always you are so welcoming to my cock as it enters your willing hole. Feel me as I shove right up inside you ready to fill you with my creamy load," added Panos as he fucked Dimitri."Take it Constantin, Take my cock right up your Naked Preteen Nymphets hole and let me cum inside you with my hot jizz. Feel me slide in and out of your hole, squeeze me with your arse muscles. Work me with your tight hole as I prepare to unload inside you," screamed Jason.The sound of the sucking and the shouted words of the three fuckers had increased the tension in the already hot sucking teens and they both knew that very soon they would be tasting the other's cum in their mouth and throat. The noise had also attracted small groups of two or three other visitors to the beach, who had broken off from their activities to watch the hot action that was taking place in the middle of the sand. Some of the bystanders were watching while others were wanking themselves or each other as they observed what was going on.Constantin was the first to cum shooting a thick rope of creamy spunk into Nick's swallowing throat and coating his tongue with his jizz. The effect of Constantin's orgasm was to set Jason off as his cock was squeezed and teased by the pulsation of Constantin's arse muscles. Jason's cock had been pushing in and out of the Greek teenager's shute like an express train and the English lad had felt the point of no return fast approaching just as Constantin unloaded into Nick. Almost as soon as Constantin's cock had stopped shooting Jason let out a great cry and shouted,"Here it cums Constantin! Take a full English load of hot creamy ball juice up your tight arse! Here...it...is...!!!!"Jason bucked hard as his spunk shot from his balls and up through his shaft towards his piss slit. Constantin felt the warm spunk fire out deep inside him and was spurred on to greater efforts on Nick's throbbing cock. Nick, having swallowed the load Constantin had delivered, was now able to ad his voice to the general noise and encouragement. As he tensed up to shoot his teen cream, Nick called out,"Oh yes Constantin, yes!! Your mouth is soo hot and the feel of Dimitri's cock up my arse is making me really horny. I'm going to fill your mouth with my cum any second now. I'm nearly there!! Don't stop!! Keep sucking, please!! Oh God yes, I'm cumming!!! Here...it... Is...NOW!!!!"It was Nick's turn to fire his warm ball cream into Constantin who slurped up every drop of spunk the young English teen fired from his ever-full balls. Meanwhile Panos had also felt the familiar tingling sensation in his balls as his own orgasm fast approached. He knew that he would be the fourth teenager to unleash his cum. He pushed fiercely and deeply into Dimitri's welcoming hole and held his cock there. Dimitri clamped his arse muscles around his best friend's love stick and waited for the inevitable. He did not have to wait long for, with an enormous shout of triumph, Panos announced his orgasm,"Take it Dimitri!! Take my load!! I'm cumming inside you right...now!!"Dimitri only needed this last stimulation of feeling his best friend cum inside him for his own orgasm to overwhelm him and he too was able to complete the first satisfying round."Oh yes Panos, thank you! I love the feel of you throbbing deep inside me and you have triggered me. Hold on a second, Nick, I'm about to spray your bowels with my love juice!!"Then it was over for Dimitri as his cock throbbed and shot a large amount of spunk deep into Nick.Slowly the five teenagers untangled themselves and noticed for the first time the small crowd that had been observing them. The onlookers burst into a spontaneous round of applause and then it was their turn to perform for the five teenagers who watched their antics as they slowly recovered from their exertions. The beach was alive with the sight and sound of male sex. As each of the groups finally reached their inevitable moment of satisfaction, the teenagers began to run towards the sea and happily bathed for several minutes before returning once more to sit and sunbathe on the sand.After a short break, Panos once again took charge and roused the resting group by ordering them to get dressed,"Come on, guys! Let's get dressed and move on. This is Nick's last day and I've promised him a day to remember. I'm going to ensure that by the time he gets to bed - if he ever does! - he will be drained of all energy and his balls will be completely empty of cum!"The teenage groups began enthusiastically to slip on their clothes and slowly followed Panos back up the sloping walkway to where the car was parked. After they were all settled, Panos turned the car round and headed back towards the top of the hill and the main road. The car sped along the road until once again Panos turned down a narrow entrance and the group found themselves outside what looked like an old warehouse. Panos led the way and they entered the warehouse. It was similar in style to the place that Nick had visited earlier in that it looked like a television studio. Nick's view was confirmed when he saw the smiling Rudi walking towards the group and, just behind him, an equally cheerful George. Rudi smiled at the group,"Welcome to a small enterprise George and I run. I'm glad you could make it. We are about to start a series of movies called 'Adventures to Crete' and you are to be the first stars of the first movie!!"Rudi led the group through to a well-lit studio laid out as a beach. As they arrived on the set Rudi began to speak again,"I believe that you all had a rehearsal earlier this morning. Now we want to record the episode for our movie, but with a few extra details. George and I will also be starring in this film and we will be joining in the action."Nick felt a thrill of excitement as he remembered how nice Rudi's cut dick had felt the last time they had met and Rudi had broken in his virgin hole. Furthermore, Nick was, if truth were known, missing his best friend Chris, who also had a cut prick. These thoughts had cause Nick's cock to swell and grow hard and, as he looked round, he noticed that he was not alone. Dimitri was openly feeling himself through his shorts and so too was Jason, George was watching from the side with a large grin on his face, he too was excited by the prospect of what was about to occur. However, for the time being, at least until the action began, George was happy for Rudi, the technician, to retain command,"OK, I want this to be as realistic as possible. I want us to have a strip scene as well as the rest. Try to keep your excitement and your hard-ons under control. The action will begin in the hotel reception which is through here."Rudi led the group through to a much smaller set and gave them the outline of Naked Preteen Nymphets the plot. George would be at reception, Dimitri and Panos would be hotel employees; Constantin would be a tour guide; Jason and Nick a couple of gay English teenagers travelling together and Rudi another hotel guest. The action was fairly clear cut and each of the stars was allowed to improvise their role, which was not too difficult.The plot was quite simple. After a short scene in reception in which Jason and Nick would check in and be observed by several hotel employees, the action would move to the 'beach' studio. In the next short scene Jason and Nick would lie back and sunbathe as they discuss the male talent on the beach. At this point Rudi would join the English teenagers. After a brief discussion in which the English boys realise that their new friend Rudi shares a similar interest in sex as themselves, Rudi would suggest that the three of them move away to a more secluded beach. On the way the trio will meet up with Constantin and George who are keen to join them. When the group of five finally arrives at a secluded beach, they are pleased to see that Panos and Dimitri are already there enjoying their afternoon off in the best way they know how.Nick thought that the story was not very good but as it was largely a vehicle for sex he did not care too much. The young and horny English teen was determined that the sex scene would be good and that he would again be at the centre of the action. Nick was also determined that the dick to penetrate his tight arse hole would be that of Rudi. As the 'actors' arranged themselves on the 'beach' studio floor, Nick stayed close to Rudi. The seven participants quickly stripped off so that they were naked and sporting throbbing erections. Nick took charge and lay down on the 'beach' pulling Rudi down alongside him. Nick began to lick and suck Rudi's thin prick with its exposed glans; Rudi likewise went down on Nick's hard member but Nick stopped sucking for a moment and said to Rudi,"I want to sit on your prick and ride it please Rudi."Rudi nodded his agreement and replaced Nick lying on the 'beach' while Nick Naked Preteen Nymphets sat up and then lowered himself slowly onto the thin shaft of Rudi's prick. Seeing this the other 'actors' arranged themselves so that they could each be involved. Dimitri knelt down at right angled to Nick and Rudi so that he could get his mouth around Nick's cock. Constantin moved beside Dimitri and began to suck the Greek teenager's cock while George lined up behind Constantin and began to use his skilful tongue on Constantin's eager hole. Meanwhile Panos had knelt close to Rudi's head and had lined his cock up with Rudi's mouth so that the teenager could suck his thick juicy cock. Finally Jason positioned himself behind Panos and began to finger fuck him. Once again the scene was an orgy of seven people indulging in the pursuit of pleasure.Initially only the two English teens were able to say anything because each of the others was busy using their mouth or tongue on his nearest friend. Nick and Jason made good their opportunity."Oh god, yes Rudi! your prick is soo deep in my hole!! I think you are going to split me in two!! That's it Dimitri suck my cock!! Your mouth is soo good to fuck with my cock!! I love the way you are using your lips and tongue to wank my cock!!" cried Nick.Jason not to be outdone added,"That's it Panos shove your thick cock into Rudi's mouth!! Make him swallow it right down!! Feel my fingers spreading your hole, ready for my cock to penetrate you deeply very soon!! Go on George eat out Constantin's arse while he sucks Dimitri. This is the hottest scene I've ever been involved in!! Let's make it the best ever for all of us!!!""Yes, Jason's right!! Let's make this the Naked Preteen Nymphets best ever for ALL of us", chorused Nick.By now George had stopped eating Constantin and he growled his contribution,"I think you're ready so I'm going to put my cock where my mouth has just been!!"With that George began to push his rock hard cock into Constantin's well-prepared hole and Constantin continued to suck on Dimitri's cock. Jason could see all this action clearly and called out more encouragement,"Yes George your cock is so big and his arse so tight! I can see you're filling his hole with that massive tool of yours!! Play with Constantin's beautiful too. Wank him off as you fuck him!! Take Dimitri's cock down your throat, Constantin! Swallow it right down!! Show him you're loving it!! That's it: George's cock tight inside you and Dimitri's in your mouth as well as Dimitri's mouth works up and down on Nick's cock!! It all looks so hot!!"Several cameras arranged around the studio were capturing the heaving mass of bodies. The scene was of bodies and voices all working in unison to achieve the desired outcome. Despite that fect that several of the participants had already cum earlier in the day, it was clear that none of them would be able to sustain the action for a lengthy period of time. Rudi who had not been present at the earlier session was the first to reach the point of no return. The young Dutchman could feel his balls begin to churn as Nick worked his tight arse hole up and down the shaft, bringing the inevitable conclusion ever closer. Panos who was filling Rudi's mouth with his large cock became aware that his friend was approaching his orgasm and called out,"That's right Rudi!! Fill Nick with your hot creamy spunk. Fuck him like crazy and shoot your jizz deep inside him. Hold his prick tight Nick, feel him cum!!!"Nick did as Panos suggested and felt the shaft of Rudi's prick throb violently before the hot cum shot out in a series of shots deep inside his bowels. Nick cried out as Rudi came inside him,"Cum inside me, Rudi. I can feel your prick deep inside me as I squeeze the cum out of you. That right, yes. Yes!! You're making me want to cum too. You're fucking the cum out of me. Hold on Dimitri, keep sucking. I'm almost there!!"As Rudi's body began to return to a more normal state, Nick's began to tighten as his orgasm began to overwhelm him. Dimitri's mouth felt so good on his cock and he knew that very soon he would be spilling his load into the waiting throat. Dimitri, sensing that Nick was very close moved his mouth slightly so that Nick's teenage ball juice would land on his tongue and he would taste the beautiful spunk before he swallowed it. Nick had no time to warn Dimitri because his cock was throbbing hard and he could only cry out a prolonged "YEEEESSSSS!!" before he shot his ropey cum into Dimitri's mouth.After Rudi had finished cumming he had gone even more to town on Panos' cock and it came as no surprise that the Greek teen was also fast approaching his orgasm. Pushing in and out of Rudi's sucking mouth Panos felt the urgent tingling that spelled the arroival of his cum. He gasped a warning to Rudi that he was about to explode,"Can't... wait... any longer...here I cum!!!!"Panos exploded deep in Rudi's throat and the Dutch lad swallowed the creamy tribute, savouring the tangy taste of Greek ball juice.Meanwhile on the other side of the group George was also about to join the others and had begun to thrust faster and faster into Constantin who was sliding back to meet the older Greek's invading cock. George was breathing hard and grunting with the effort he was expending on his fucking. Constantin knew what to expect and he trapped George's fuck stick dep inside him and waited while the hotel manager fired his cummy load all over his bowels. The sticky creamy cum lined his insides and began a chain reaction that resulted in Constantin's own love juice was soon firing into Dimitri's legs and stomach as George wanked his cock in time to his own cumthrusts. Constantin cried out as he shot his load,"Thanks, George, You really have fucked the cum right out of me!! Feel my hot jizz splash all over you Dimitri!! George did that to me!11 He's soo good for me!!""So good for all of us", replied Dimitri as he struggled to control his breathing.But Dimitri was also past the point of no return and he thrust his cock straight back between his friend's lips as he became the sixth member of the party to reach satisfaction. His creamy cum went straight down into Constantin's waiting mouth and throat as Dimitri called out in pleasure,"Here's my load, Constantin!! Eat it all. I love you sucking me and I know you love my cum!! Suck it all down!! That's it, take my full load!!"The last to finish was Jason who had ben working himself in and out of Panos' welcoming hole and observing the action all around him as he did so. Panos although tired from his own exertions had continued to enthusiastically encourage Jason to reach his climax."Cum on Jase!! Fuck the arse off me!! Your English cock feels so good inside me. Cum on Jase!! Cum soon!!"Jason redoubled his efforts and soon both he and Panos knew that the inevitable was about to happen. Almost fainting from the effort Jason unloaded a very large load of cum straight into Panos. Panos enjoyed the feeling of the English teenager's spunk splattering against the walls of his insides and groaned his pleasure in unison with Jason who was almost unable to speak. Jason gasped out,"Take it Panos... Take it all!!"and Panos replied,"My pleasure, Jase. My pleasure!!"After that there was a moment of silence as all seven participants lay back exhausted but satisfied after what was a very memorable orgy, all of which had been recorded on tape.After a short while George suggested that they all take a couple of hours rest before the final event of the day. All the participants agreed with this suggestion but, as the majority lay back to sleep and rest, Rudi went off to his editing suite. There was work to be done if Nick was to get his final reward!!To be concludedIf you like the story please let me know. feedback - good or bad - is always welcome, though i prefer the former to the latter!! cutrsoe40yahoo.co.uk===== Keep the juices flowing and the ceam shooting high!!!
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